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ART BRUSSELS 2011 – BE (with Gonzalez y Gonzalez Gallery)

Gonzalez y Gonzalez at Art Brussels, Belgium. / April 28 – May 1, 2011, Booth 3B – 25
Works by: Fernado Bryce, Jota Castro, Gianranco Foschino, goldiechiari, Patrick Hamilton, Ciprian Homorodean, Sebastian Preece.


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S.N., »TRACKS, arte tv, 25 Mar 17:08:01 2011.

« Happy Tree Friends »
Homorodean imite avec ses amis un épisode de « Happy Tree Friends », série d’animation saignante.

Né en 1982 à Timisoara, Ciprian Homorodean est l’enfant terrible de la scène artistique roumaine. Il a étudié la sculpture, mais est surtout connu pour ses installations vidéo, […]

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ARTISSIMA 17 ART FAIR – TORINO, IT (with Gonzalez y Gonzalez Gallery)

Gonzalez y Gonzalez at Artisima 17, Turin, Italy / 4-7 november 2010, Booth Green B-14
Works by: Fernado Bryce, Jota Castro, Dario Escobar, Gianranco Foschino, goldiechiari, Patrick Hamilton, Ciprian Homorodean, Sebastian Preece.


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SURVIVAL KIT 2 – Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga LV

04 September – 11 September 2010

During the night from September 4 to 5 opened the SURVIVAL KIT 2 contemporary art festival, organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art for a second year. It took place alongside the activities of the White Night contemporary culture forum. More than 70 artists reflected and produced different survival strategies in the contemporary world. Exhibitions, workshops, performances, film programme and lectures took place from September 4 until September 11. […]

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Friterie de la Barrière en 2010


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BACK TO SCHOOL in the Doodling Golden Age.

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DESTROYNG PUBLIC HARMONY – Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu RO

Brukenthal National Museum/Contemporary Art Gallery / Str. Tribunei, Nr. 6, Sibiu (RO)
6 – 29 august, 2010

Curated by Andrei Craciun
Participating artists: Etcetera presents the International Errorists (AR), Rainer Ganahl (A/US), Ciprian Homorodean (RO/BE), Martin Krenn (A), Ahmet Ogut (TR/NL), Catalina Niculescu (RO/UK) […]

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BROTHERS & SISTERS – Vladimiro Izzo Gallery, Berlin D

Vladimiro Izzo Gallery Gbr / Schumann Strasse 14/b D-10117 Berlin, (D)
12 june – 29 july 2010

Simona & Ciprian Homorodean

Curated by Jota Castro […]

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NEW RELEASE – Ciprian Din Timisoara – Sunt Artist, Am Valoare


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LES RÉVOLTES PURIFIÉES – Église Saint-Antoine, Liège BE

Les révoltes purifiées
4 mars – 15 août 2010
Église Saint-Antoine, rue Hors-Château, Liège (BE).

Avec La marque jeune, l’équipe du Musée Ethnographique de Neufchâtel aborde les relations complexes qui s’instaurent entre la jeunesse, la contestation et la consommation. Elle interroge le discours d’insécurité qui prévaut actuellement à l’aune des événements qui […]

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RAPPOLT, Mark, Art Review #Issue 39, pp.126, march 2010.

Curated by artist Jota Castro and critic Christian Viveros-Fauné (yes, attentive readers, him – more on that later), Spasticus Artisticus takes its title from a mishearing of Ian Dury’s song Spasticus Autisticus (1981). Of particular interest seems to have been the following line: ‘Hello to you out there in Normal Land/You may not comprehend my tale or understand’. And consequently, you’re programmed to enter this exhibition with an eye out for exclusion, uselessness and some sort of (socially) unwanted lack of inhibition (the last being on show most obviously during an opening-night performance by French all-girl band the Furious Golden Shower – ‘experimental punk music in an artistic milieu’ – and more particularly their dancing pom-pom boys). […]
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“VISCERALISTS” Spasticus Artisticus #1, pp. 9-11., La Moule Heureuse: Liverpool, 2010.

Visceralists is one of eleven books awarded the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs, a prize giving special recognition to those books which demonstrate an outstanding quality both in their conception (editorial and graphic), and in their production (printing and binding). The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication. […]

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SPASTICUS ARTISTICUS – Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool UK

Spasticus Artisticus
15 January – 27 February 2010 / Preview 14 January, 2010 6-8 PM
Ceri Hand Gallery, 12 Cotton Street, Liverpool, L3 7DY

Curated by Jota Castro & Christian Viveros-Faune

Artists: Andres Bedoya (BO), The Bruce High Quality Foundation (USA), Jota Castro (FR/PE), Graham Dolphin (UK), Rainer Ganahl (AT), Kate Gilmore (USA), Goldiechiari […]

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TIRON, Stefan, 100 TO WATCH – a directory of new romanian creative talent, pp.72-75 .ilus., Bucharest, 2009.

Ciprian Homorodean interviewed by Stefan Tiron

ST: Now you live in Brussels. Do you consider your move to Belgium an important one, in regard to your work? While still returning to Romania time and time again, what is your connection with the scene there?

CH: I don’t see it as a full move, more of a shift between the two. I am interested a lot about what is going on in Romania and […]

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• Pavilion Unicredit center for contemporary art and culture, Bucharest, Sos. N. Titulescu nr. 1
29th of October 2009, 19.00 hours

• The University of Art, Casa Matei Corvin, Cluj, Str. Matei Corvin nr.6
8th of December 2009, 19.00 hours

Curated by Andrei Craciun
Artists: Stefan Constantinescu,Teodor Graur, Ion Grigorescu, Ciprian Homorodean, Sebastian Moldovan, Corneliu Porumboiu […]

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explaining contemporary art to live eels (A Constructed World)


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S.O.S 4.8 en Murcia ES

S.O.S 4.8
1 y 2 de mayo / S.O.S 4.8 en Murcia ES
Festival de Acción Artística Sostenible

La segunda edición del Festival Estrella Levante SOS 4.8 abrirá la temporada de festivales de verano los días 1 y 2 de mayo.
Bajo el lema de la SOStenibilidad este Festival Internacional de Acción Artística son […]

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UNDEVA LA MIJLOC (Quelque part au milieu)


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Homage to Patrice Lumumba […]

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B.P.S.22 – Space for Contemporary Creation – Charleroi BE

BPS22. Musée d’art de la Province de Hainaut / Boulevard Solvay, 22 / B – 6000 Charleroi
24 November – 16 December 2007 […]

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Lupii din Carpati

“Lupii din Carpati was originally presented in Charleroi. The city is famous as the former capital of a Belgian region known as “Black Country” because of its important role in the mining and metallurgy industry. Over the last decades, abandoned factories and growing unemployment rates have come to dominate the […]

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getting a Visa….

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Manneken Pis, meaning “Little man Pee” in Dutch, is a landmark small bronze sculpture in Brussels, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. It was designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and put in place in 1618 or 1619.

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BUCHAREST BIENNALE 2 – parallel event

I Am Luke Skywalker
26 May 2006
Audi Art Room, Sos Pipera – Tunari nr 2.

I Am Luke Skywalker reflects on the topic of identification with a familiar hero as a way of evasion from a world whose realities are too bleak to leave any place for the individual. It is a […]

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  • pav8

ALMAN, Dana, “I am Luke Skywalker”, PAVILION contemporary art magazine #8, pp. 130-137.ilus., Bucharest, 2006.

Ciprian Homorodean is an artist looking for his voice. Having formal training as a sculptor, he recently moved towards new media, and his newest projects are mostly video installations.

He approaches a variety of subjects, but the one theme linking all the facets of his artwork is the way he […]

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This is a experiment […]
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Usually I do this, H.ARTA space, Timisoara, RO

Participants: Aura Balanescu, Ciprian Homorodean, Kozma Levente, Szoke Szilard, Sorin Vreme
Curators: h.arta (Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant & Rodica Tache)

“Usually I do this” is a project about our double reality: of being an artist and also having a job for a living; of being informed, active, creative and also investing time and energy in things outside the art world. […]

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When the Terrorism become entertainment… […]

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SIMULTAN#1 annual festival for video, media art, exploratory music and sound, Timisoara RO.

26-27th May 2005 – Timisoara.

List of Artists: Judith FISHER (A), Tiffany SUM (USA), Alex aeQea Ariumn(Media 2017) (USA), Petr ZAVORKA (CZ), Lucas TRIPODI (CL), Atomic ELROY (USA), Alex DAVIES (AU), Andrea SCHNEEMEIER (D), Bela ROSENBERG (VE), Eva Eszter SZABO (HU), Harald RETT (D), Fabio VOLPI (IT), Caleb LARSEN (USA), Yseult DIGAN (FR), Eva KOZMA (HU), Edina Cecillia HORVATH (HU), Diana GOMEZ (CO), Elvire BASTENDORFF (LU/FR), Ciprian HOMORODEAN (RO), Csongor Gabor SZIGETI (RO), Olivier ALVEAR (FR), Marry MAGSAMEN & Stephan HILLERBRAND (USA), Jeremy DELHUVENNE (FR), Danielle FREAKLEY (Au), Ken CAMPBELL (USA), David ROWLAND (UK), Arnold ESTEFAN (RO), Eric FONG (UK), Fernandez JUANJO (ES), A.Jacob GALLE (USA), Celine TROUILLET (FR), Alejandra OLIVARES (MX), Marcell ESTERHAZY (HU/FR), Sinasi GUNES (TR) […]

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screening ‘I’m Luke Skywalker’ @ cafe Papillon

Oct 20, 2004 […]

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C-print stickers, street intervention during the elections of 2004 […]

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on SALE! ed. of 11 […]

March 1st, 2004|Categories: WORKS|
  • soul

Soul Surgery. “Non, je ne regrette rien”

“Should we try to live in the moment, without looking back and without any self-judgment? Or, can we sometimes learn valuable lessons by analyzing our behavior and its consequences.” […]

February 7th, 2004|Categories: WORKS|
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“The Color Is Black” – Institut français Timisoara RO

Institut français de Roumanie/ 46, bd. C.D. Loga / Timisoara / RO.
5 September – 11 September 2003


September 9th, 2003|Categories: SOLO EXHIBITION|
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Moartea 3

“Dead 3” is a different type of reaction to the political issues that make the agenda of so many artists today. An odd character (what can be more odd than death?) runs through an idyllic, rustic landscape, until it falls into an endless corridor, and it keeps going down, like […]

June 27th, 2003|Categories: VIDEO|
  • az309jza

The Spirit of the 70’s in my neighborhood.

The communist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu issued Decree 770, aimed at the creation of a new and large Romanian population by restricting abortion and contraception.

To enforce the decree, society was strictly controlled. Contraceptives disappeared from the shelves and all women were forced to be monitored monthly by a gynecologist. Any […]

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