Now in Audio-BOOK! “Take the Book, Take the Money, Run”

Lauren Wetmore’s curatorial proposal for Encura, presenting a podcast:
Audio version of “Take the Book, Take the Money, Run” […]

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SPATII IN ASTEPTARE III – exhibition catalog, pp. 18 – 21.ilus, Timisoara, 2014

Arcul de Triumf marca evenimente importante sau eroice.
Arcada a aparut ca inovatie arhitecturala in perioada romei antice, fiind o piesa de rezistenta / sustinere si devine un simbol folosit pentru a marca „triumful”.
in cazul meu, „Arcul de Triumf” este doar un schelet fara valorile amintite mai sus, o structura […]

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ALL SELF PUBLISHING – The Private Space, Barcelona ES


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PAVILION, journal for politics and culture #16 TACTICS FOR THE HERE AND NOW

Tactis for the Here and Now. Reader on Bucharest Biennale 5
Pavilion Journal : Bucharest Biennale, 2012, 207p. ill. 20 x 15cm, (Pavilion : journal for politics and culture : #16) […]

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“VISCERALISTS” Spasticus Artisticus #1, pp. 9-11., La Moule Heureuse: Liverpool, 2010.

Visceralists is one of eleven books awarded the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs, a prize giving special recognition to those books which demonstrate an outstanding quality both in their conception (editorial and graphic), and in their production (printing and binding). The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication. […]

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TIRON, Stefan, 100 TO WATCH – a directory of new romanian creative talent, pp.72-75 .ilus., Bucharest, 2009.

Ciprian Homorodean interviewed by Stefan Tiron

ST: Now you live in Brussels. Do you consider your move to Belgium an important one, in regard to your work? While still returning to Romania time and time again, what is your connection with the scene there?

CH: I don’t see it as a full move, more of a shift between the two. I am interested a lot about what is going on in Romania and […]

November 5th, 2009|Categories: BOOK, INTERVIEW|

ALMAN, Dana, “I am Luke Skywalker”, PAVILION contemporary art magazine #8, pp. 130-137.ilus., Bucharest, 2006.

Ciprian Homorodean is an artist looking for his voice. Having formal training as a sculptor, he recently moved towards new media, and his newest projects are mostly video installations.

He approaches a variety of subjects, but the one theme linking all the facets of his artwork is the way he […]

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