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MEJIA, Iván R., “Un fantasma recorre Europa…”, Barcelona, Diciembre de 2013.

Un fantasma recorre Europa…

Ciprian Homorodean (Timisoara, Rumania, 1982) pertenece a la última generación educada por el comunismo, sistema político/económico que, como sabemos, se desplomó junto con el muro de Berlín en 1989, y junto con la caída de Nicolae Ceausescu, el entonces presidente de la República Socialista de Rumania, ejecutado un mes después. Sucesos históricos que marcarán la vida del artista, pero sobre todo la vertiginosa entrada del capitalismo y las pautas culturales del imperialismo estadounidense en la nueva Rumanía, un imperialismo que se instituyó mediante la cultura de masas, por ejemplo con la entrada de la saga cinematográfica “Star Wars”, misma que el artista parodia en “I am Luke Skywalker” (2006, video, color, sound, 37:21 min. short versión of 13:52 min.) donde el artista empalma su figura a la del protagonista del film […]

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RAPPOLT, Mark, Art Review #Issue 39, pp.126, march 2010.

Curated by artist Jota Castro and critic Christian Viveros-Fauné (yes, attentive readers, him – more on that later), Spasticus Artisticus takes its title from a mishearing of Ian Dury’s song Spasticus Autisticus (1981). Of particular interest seems to have been the following line: ‘Hello to you out there in Normal Land/You may not comprehend my tale or understand’. And consequently, you’re programmed to enter this exhibition with an eye out for exclusion, uselessness and some sort of (socially) unwanted lack of inhibition (the last being on show most obviously during an opening-night performance by French all-girl band the Furious Golden Shower – ‘experimental punk music in an artistic milieu’ – and more particularly their dancing pom-pom boys). […]
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“VISCERALISTS” Spasticus Artisticus #1, pp. 9-11., La Moule Heureuse: Liverpool, 2010.

Visceralists is one of eleven books awarded the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs, a prize giving special recognition to those books which demonstrate an outstanding quality both in their conception (editorial and graphic), and in their production (printing and binding). The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication. […]

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ALMAN, Dana, “I am Luke Skywalker”, PAVILION contemporary art magazine #8, pp. 130-137.ilus., Bucharest, 2006.

Ciprian Homorodean is an artist looking for his voice. Having formal training as a sculptor, he recently moved towards new media, and his newest projects are mostly video installations.

He approaches a variety of subjects, but the one theme linking all the facets of his artwork is the way he […]

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