Participants: Aura Balanescu, Ciprian Homorodean, Kozma Levente, Szoke Szilard, Sorin Vreme
Curators: h.arta (Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant & Rodica Tache)

“Usually I do this” is a project about our double reality: of being an artist and also having a job for a living; of being informed, active, creative and also investing time and energy in things outside the art world. It is about how to adjust the mystified image of what it is to be am artist (just someone who does his work waiting to be discovered”) to the reality of what it is to be an artist (a profession like any other, supposing social interaction, Managing your career, doing PR, etc.). That it’s so general and universal that you could think that to have your time split between two different kinds of working is part of the artist condition. I just wanted by this project to invite people to talk about an important aspect of their lives, about an important aspect of their lives, about something that shape their everyday life. And to transform the exact thing that could be a limitation for an artist in a subject for art.

h.arta is a group of three women artists, Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant and Rodica Tache. “We work together as h.arta group since 2001, when we founded h.arta space, a not-for-profit space in Timisoara. H.arta is sometimes a physical space, but many times its projects are taking different formats, changing contexts and locations. Our group is based on our friendship, on an everyday negotiation of the differences between us. We use friendship as a way of learning together how to acknowledge the different nuances of each situation, as a safe space, as a political statement about the power of solidarity. We are interested in topics ranging from knowledge production and (re)writing histories to gender issues in global capitalist times, all these in the context of working in various collaborations with persons and groups with different backgrounds.”