PAVILION UNICREDIT, Bd. Nicolae Titulescu nr.1 (Piata Victoriei), Bucharest 011131, Romania.
June 02 – July 31, 2011

Curated by Razvan Ion
Participating artists: Francis Alys (BE/MX), Minerva Cuevas (MX), Ciprian Homorodean (BE/RO), Jason Loebs (US), Wilfredo Prieto (CU), Sabine Rethore (FR), Temporary Services (US), Abdellah Taia (MA/FR), Erwin Wurm (A)

Publication: From Contemplating to Constructing Situations” with texts by Lars Bang Larsen, Rosi Braidotti, Felix Guattari, Razvan Ion, Internationale Situationiste, Mikkel Bolt, Gunalan Nadarajan.

see: # download From Contemplating to Constructing Situations / pdf version (1,3Mb)

Kant was the one who launched the interrogation on our knowledge’s conditions of possibility and the one who explicitly understood this interrogation as being a critical act. From now on, we can say that the modern reflection is either critical – in this auto-reflective sense- or it is not modern. (Boris Buden) But, the freudian, foucaultian, postmodern, stalinist, leninist repression etc. is identical, and what can make a difference is the astonishment of the self and the possibility to say “no” to the oppressive state (without transforming this into an anarchist wailing ).
The reader and it’s physical projection, the exhibition, deals with different generations of artists and thinkers which refuse to participate in the tired prescriptions of marketplace and authority and instead create radical new methods of engagement. The concept try to develops an indispensable, contemporary conception of political change—a conception that transcends the outmoded formulations of insurrection and resistance. I believe too much blood and ink has been shed for the art machines and the revolutionary machines to remain separate.
The move from the contemplation of a situation to its representation, must be made immediately. (Razvan Ion)