This is a book about stealing your way out of the financial crisis.
Get your basic necessities, keep your social standing, round up your annual income… Keep your head up in the material world even if you can’t pay for it. Learn how to spot the ideal occasions for getting things without money, and practice how to do it without getting caught.
Steal without stress!
The art of stealing is a long term apprenticeship. As needs and desires are fulfilled, new ones will manifest and call for new techniques and more elaborate actions. Here you will find a step by step account of the progression to higher, more expensive, and more noble needs and desires.
This Crisis Special will get you acquainted with the essential vocabulary of unlawful appropriation techniques, such as pick pocketing wallets and jewelry (chapter 1), and snatching street bicycles (chapter 2). Shoplifting is also introduced, from small takes of basic products (chapter 3) to large quantities of more sophisticated commodities (chapter 4). Getting a free meal and free drinks, as if they fell from the sky will interest those wishing to satisfy the need for luxurious leisure (chapter 5), as will obtaining free clothes and furniture from charity an other such organizations (chapter 6). The theft of motor vehicles (chapter 7) and of home furnishing (chapter 8) represent more delicate and riskier takes, while immaterial theft, although almost untraceable, requires technological intervention (chapter 9). Learn also how to spot the most profitable opportunities for engaging in stealing activity.
This book should be particularly useful for the chronically unemployed, the hungry for cash, and the demanding consumer.
Bonus: discover some inspirational experiences through case studies of those who have succeeded in the business of disengaging from the market.
Take the Book, Take the Money, Run! 100 pag. handmade book, Ink on paper, 32,4×24,4 cm, 2010.