In Romania, my country, during the Communist era watching foreign movies was a restricted activity. One of the few that passed the official frontier before ’89 was Star Wars. All youngsters my ages were prisoners in their admiration for the awesome technological wonders that they missed before. We all grew up with the SW movie, dreaming to be Luke or Leia. This film was proposing somewhere a very very far away galaxy, another abstract, nearly unlimited space with no frontiers for our dreams. I regarded this movie as a possible reality that i could attain if i could apply my need for more knowledge. As i child i got interested in technology, astrology, physics, drawing and doing my own sketches for future space ships that i was planing to travel around in the cosmos.
I wanted to live in Luke’s world, the switch is actually a symbolic fulfillment of my own childhood dream.
I’m Luke Skywalker, video, color, sound, 37:21 min., 2004.
(this is just a short sample from the movie)