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Arcus Non Triumphalis, 2014, metal stud framing, 500x500x250cm.

The sculpture is only the frame of a Triumphal Arch. Presented in a public space, the first reaction of the people was to vandalize and destroy this structure.

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The arch emerged as an architectural innovation in ancient Rome, a support structure that would take over time a highly symbolic value. Triumphal arches have been built all around the world to honor important or heroic events.
“Arcus Non Triumphalis” is just a perishable frame that mocks the very notion of “triumph”, a word that has lost its meaning. Rather than a joyful celebration, it stands as the commemoration of failure.
Made out of thin aluminum sheets, a material often used to create fake architectures, it stands for our society’s superficiality and the lack of consistency developing at its core. We keep producing and consuming, building economic growth, but our construction is like a house of cards. This non-triumphal arch is a monument to the breakdown of a project that quiet apparently lacks solid foundation stones.